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Invited Speakers

Peimin Guo

China Central Iron and Steel Research Group

Update time:2023-06-02 16:02

Presentation title: Progress in Theoretical Research and Technological Development of Hydrogen Reduction Processes by Central Iron and Steel Research Institute

Professor Peimin Guo, metallurgical discipline leader of China Central Iron and Steel Research Group, doctoral supervisor, and chief expert of hydrogen metallurgy (green metallurgy) center. Member of Metallurgical Process Physical Chemistry Branch of China Metallurgical Society, member of Metallurgical Solid Waste Recycling Branch, expert member of Low Carbon Work Promotion Committee of China Iron and Steel Industry, member of International Conference Committee on Functional Materials and Metallurgy, editorial board member of China Metallurgy.

Professor Peimin Guo 's main research directions involve the theory and technological development of low-temperature metallurgy, hydrogen metallurgy, microwave metallurgy, vacuum metallurgy, and efficient utilization of solid waste. He has undertaken more than 10 national key projects, including the Development of a New Melt Reduction Ironmaking Process Based on Hydrogen Metallurgy, which is a key scientific and technological research and development project. New technology projects such as low-temperature reduction to prepare powder metal powder, low-temperature reduction of zinc containing dust in rotary kilns to prepare metal iron powder, and microwave purification of MoS2 have been constructed and industrialized both domestically and internationally. New technologies such as low-temperature metallurgy of nickel iron alloy, low-temperature reduction smelting of molten iron, and pure hydrogen shaft furnace reduction have successively completed various scale engineering demonstrations.

Professor Guo Peimin has published four academic monographs, authorized 35 invention patents, published over 190 papers, and drawn up 10 sets of international standard diffraction cards.
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