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Technical Sessions
  • Fundamental theory of hydrogen metallurgy
  • Hydrogen utilization in raw materials preparing
  • Hydrogen utilization in blast furnace ironmaking
  • Hydrogen utilization in novel ironmaking process
  • Life cycle evaluation of ironmaking process using hydrogen
  • Low-cost hydrogen production process for metallurgical industry: grey hydrogen, blue hydrogen, green hydrogen preparation technology
  • Any theoretical and technical research about the safe and high-efficient utilization of hydrogen in any unit process in the whole iron and steelmaking process, and other theoretical and technical research on hydrogen metallurgy
  • Hydrogen utilization in transportation, steel chemical co-production and the hydrogen metallurgy standards.
Important Dates

Preliminary Technical Program

August 15, 2023

Conference Registration

September 4, 2023

Conference Date

September 5-6, 2023

Post Technical-Visit

September 7, 2023