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Invited Speakers

Fuming Zhang

Shougang group Co., Ltd., China

Update time:2023-06-05 16:26

Presentation title: Research on Hydrocarbon Coupling Metallurgical Technology in Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Prof. Zhang Fuming is the first-level scientist of Shougang group Co., Ltd., professorate senior engineer, national master of engineering survey and design of China, national expert with outstanding contributions of China, was selected into the national millions of talents project and enjoys the special government allowance of the state council. In 2022, he was elected as the first session first-level scientists of Shougang group Co., Ltd. He engaged in the basic theory research of metallurgical and material engineering design, key technology and equipment research and development innovation work. As the general engineering designer of Shougang Jingtang Iron and Steel Project, presided over the complete engineering design of the first coastal ten-million tons modern steel plant project and the manufacturing process of 5500m3 super large blast furnace, 550m2 large sintering machine, 504m2 grate induration machine of pelletizing production facility. He led the design research team to reseach and develop more than 100 engineering scientific and technological innovation achievements in engineering, scientific and technological research and development.

Prof. Zhang Fuming has been engaged in low-carbon and green metallurgical engineering technology research and development for a long time. Since 2015, he and his team have focused on the research on high charging ratio pellets of surper large blast furnace ironmaking technology, and made outstanding achievements. In the fields of high blast temperature technology development, blast furnace injection of pulverized coal and hydrogen-rich gas, as well as modern blast furnace technical equipment innovation, the magnificient engineering practice results have been achieved.

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